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hubby wants her gone...

Malena's Peruvian Accoyo Justice

Huacaya, Female, Proven | White

AOA# 847163   D.O.B. 6/7/2003 (16 yrs), Full Peruvian

Ppperuvian Cordero 6002 
| AOA# 139275  | White 

7010 Peruvian Accoyo Malena 
| AOA# 827463  | White 
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Accoyo Justice is a large, full Accoyo, white female with a dark fawn spot. Her conformation and bite are flawless. At 16 years old, she's not much to look at now, but in her glory days she was a looker (even just a few years ago). She typically is good to pass her density, uniformity, complete coverage and fineness to her off-spring.

Accoyo Justice is out of two impressive animals, PPPeruvian Cordero and Accoyo Malena. Cordero was one of Don Julio's first picks. The late Accoyo Cordero was nationally and internationally known for producing champions. This renowned hersire was owned by Anthony Stachowski of Stachowski Alpacas. Accoyo Cordero was a cornerstone in their breeding program for many years. Accoyo Justice's dam, Accoyo Malena, produced prize winning off-spring for years.

She does not act 17. She is still cycling regularly (she lost twins spring 2018 and delivered cria 2019, see below). She can be bred to any of our herdsires of your choice (recommend Sergio, for a full Accoyo white cria). She is currently open, having a hard time keeping weight on with her nursing cria (who is still a bit too small to wean).

She does have a strong personality and a very deep voice, and she will let you know if she is not happy; she's quite accurate with the green gunk too. Either she likes you (meaning, she tolerates you), or hates you. (Hence, that's why hubby says she needs to go). You have to deal with her on her terms - accept those, and your relationship with her is fine. And one of her terms is staying away from her feet - she does not like her feet touched.

She has a full Accoyo white boy (out of Kosmo's Accoyo Enki) by her side. He has a fawn tinge on his topknot, but blanket is white. Cutest face you have ever seen. Fleece on this little guy is very unique - softness like you have never felt, but falls in suri-like locks. Maybe a "silky"? HOWEVER, he does have a twisted (bent?) front leg, turning out at the shoulder. Vet thinks he was injured during birth.

Get Justice free with any other female from us.

$500 for Justice and cria.

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Updated 3/2/2020