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Bluff Breeze Farm

"Wild Hair" at Bluff Breeze Farm

Connie & Rick Bodeker
6842 338th St. WayCannon Falls, MN 55009

Various stages of composted Manure avail

Composted Manure

List Price: $75.00


You Save: $25.00 (33%)

Order & Payment

Order by Phone: 612-308-6378

Shipping & Handling

You must load your own containers, but we have the ability to load your pickup or trailer.

Product Specs

  • None available.
  • $5/small container
  • $50/pickup load
  • More available upon request

Product Description

Alpaca Manure available at various stages of decomposition - from fresh to several years old. Alpaca manure is "gentle" fertilizer that can be used immediately. However, it is easier to work with after composting for a year or more.

Product Options

Size: Truckload
Color: Smaller amounts