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Bluff Breeze Farm

"Wild Hair" at Bluff Breeze Farm

Connie & Rick Bodeker
6842 338th St. WayCannon Falls, MN 55009

No nonsense Alpaca Management

Farm Management

Pricing: Please contact Connie for customized details of how she can help you as an individual or to host an educational event here at BBF, on your farm, or in your area.
Questions: 612-308-6378

Service Description

Connie has a no nonsense approach to managing alpacas and is willing to share it with other breeders as well as those with interest in starting a farm. The learning curve is sharp for most new breeders. Connie has decades of experience with Farm Layout and Fencing, Health and Welfare of a Herd including aspects of: Nutrition, Genetics, Breeding, Birthing, and Growing alpacas in our northern climate. She also has a comprehensive view of Showing and Marketing high-quality alpacas.

Connie has a B.S. in Animal Science and has been active in managing livestock since the mid-1980's. She can help you get started on the right foot with alpacas, without stretching your budget to the limit, or making those costly mistakes many new breeders experience.

No matter what your personal goals, she can help you make decisions about raising breeding stock, maintaining fiber animals, or simply owning healthy alpacas.

Terms of Service

This service has Alpaca Husbandry in its core. There is a plethora of information available about every subject imaginable, thanks to the internet and "Dr. Google"! Connie can help you sort through the "nonsense" and impertinent information, getting to the roots of managing alpacas as livestock.